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Cleaning Clothes Without Dirtying the Environment 

Co-owners Louise Messano and Jamie Bishop have recently opened Wash Day Laundry, a new eco-friendly, self-service laundromat in Austin, Texas. Wash Day Laundry is two responsible business partner’s venture to clean clothes without dirtying the environment.

“Patrons don’t have to choose between whether to be clean or green, they can be both," Messano says. "Wash Day Laundry is the greenest way to get clothes their whitest,” she adds.

Laundry done in the United States alone consumes more than 150 billion gallons of water a year, so in order to significantly cut down on wasted water and energy, Mac-Gray supplies Wash Day with the most energy-efficient laundry equipment to date. The store is equipped with Maytag’s Energy Star® qualified front-load washers that use 56% less water than standard machines and Maytag Energy Advantage™ gas dryers that use 23% less energy than standard commercial dryers.

To consume even less energy, Wash Day also makes use of T-6 light bulbs that cut electric use by 40%. Even the paint on the walls has been given serious consideration -- it contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), an unseen pollutant rarely restricted by commercial facilities.

Many laundry detergents contain a host of chemicals and toxins that, when drained from machines, pollute the Earth. In order to combat this, Wash Day sells Clean Environment brand detergent at the front desk, a product that’s non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

And Messano and Bishop have gone beyond even these farsighted initiatives to minimize their laundry operation's impact on the environment. Their facility is outfitted with a tankless hot water system that heats water only as needed, so no energy is lost by storing pre-heated water in a holding tank.

Wash Day Laundry is one in a series of Mac-Gray’s commercial laundry accounts that are pioneering the environmentally cleaner commercial laundry movement across the country, and Messano and Bishop are not afraid to lead the way. "We want to reinvent the laundromat for the 21st Century," Messano says.

After all, a load doesn't need to overload the environment.

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